Chamrosh Technologies

Value creation

Chamrosh transforms value proposition in rug business by building an efficient end to end transparency and traceability system along with the rug supply-chain. Our system integrates digital technologies including IoT and image processing to generate and store digital fingerprint and digital certificate of a rug on blockchain. We aim to reinforce the authenticity of Persian luxury rugs, deal with counterfeiting, increase customer engagement and promote sustainable development. By providing the following solutions, Chamrosh promotes Persian rugs as the legacy of Persian art and culture.

  •  Generating a digital twin on mobile app
  • Verifying authenticity and Reinforcing Scarcity
  • Fulfilling sense of pride
  • Creating more jobs and generating wealth
  • Building up a sustainable investment platform

Chamrosh is a platform the connects all the stakeholders including producers, dealers, and customers and allows them to co-create value together. Chamrosh harnesses value dynamics between the key factors in supply-chain and increases price by converting customer needs to customer value through integration of IoT, blockchain, image processing and artificial intelligence. It generates a tremendous value for a rug, and influence luxury customer’s purchasing decisions.

Chamrosh is a b2c and b2b to connect luxury rug producers/owners with customers based on innovation. Chamrosh generates emerging opportunities by facilitating exchange between stakeholders and producers of rug business by integrating digital technologies based on level of accessibility to data-backed evidences.

Chamrosh pushes the envelope in search of the next source of customer value, which is focused on verifying authenticity, claiming ownership, reinforcing scarcity, and building loyalty

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