Chamrosh Technologies


The history of Persian rug production is filled with fascination, and surprise. The discovery of the Pazyryk rug revealed it was produced in Ancient Armenia located in Persian Empire of the time around 400 BC. Since the Safavid dynasty (1501 to 1736), which transformed a simple rural craft into a courtly art, Persian rugs have found their way into palaces, mosques, and many prestigious locations. They are cherished for their intricate designs, flawless craftsmanship, and intrinsic value. Chamrosh, however, is not about rugs only, it is an Authentic Mystical Story of a small group of experts who aspires to co-create the legacy of an ancient art. Challenging the odds, they harness the cutting-edge technologies to cherish a story of Persian culture for sustainable development

The Chamrosh logo and brand were wisely chosen to reflect the company’s mission and vision of protecting and promoting Persian rugs in the eyes and hearts of customers. Chamrosh is a mythical bird that guards Persian land..

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