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Persian handwoven carpets or rugs are exquisite symbol of luxury ambiance in many premium locations such as the China Room on the Ground Floor of the White House. Because of their supremacy and recognition, they have been subjected to design and provenance counterfeiting in countries such as Pakistan, Nepal, India, and even China. Chamrosh Technologies was founded as a startup to address this issue while also cherishing and protecting Persian rugs. Chamrosh is a data-backed intelligent system for identifying, storing, and verifying the authenticity of Persian rugs, the most celebrated and striking element of Persian culture.

The Internet of Things (IoT) identifies the origin of production in this system, and image processing and cognitive calculation generate a digital fingerprint for each rug that is unique and irreplaceable. Chamrosh then issues digital certificate with data-backed evidences stores it on the blockchain. This certificate can be verified with a mobile app and is irrevocable


Chamrosh Technologies has developed a novel rug business model and harnessed blockchain and other digital technologies to articulate an authentic mystical story. The Chamrosh logo and brand were wisely chosen to reflect the company’s mission and vision of protecting and promoting Persian rugs in the eyes and hearts of customers. The goal of this technology startup is to reinforce the authenticity of Persian rugs while also creating an investment platform for sustainable development. Chamrosh will be the bluebird of happiness for Persian rugs by achieving this goal.

Chamrosh is a bird in Persian mythology with the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle who said to live on the summit of Mount Alborz. Chamrosh is sent by an angle to protect the Persian Land.

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