Chamrosh Technologies

Authentic Mystical Story

Chamrosh is a bird in Persian mythology with the body of a lion and head and wings of an eagle who said to live on the summit of Mount Alborz. Chamrosh is sent by an angle to protect the Persian Land
Chamrosh Technologies has developed its brand mantra to keep the brand moving in the right direction.

The brand functions term or “Story” here describes the nature of service or the type of experiences or benefits which Chamrosh provides. The descriptive modifier further clarifies its nature which focuses only on “Mystical Story”. The emotional modifier provides another qualifier and indicates that Chamrosh provides the benefit of “Authenticity”.


Emotional ModifierDescriptive ModifierBrand Function

Chamrosh is more than a mystical bird; it played an important role in Persia’s history. Its background dates to 5000 years, when it first appeared as a twin Griffin-like statue in Persepolis, the Achaemenid capital. It became the iconic logo of Iran Air (HOMA) in 1961, and it frequently appears on best of lists for airline brands

Chamrosh now aims to ensoul rug and revitalize and promote this celebrated legacy of Persian culture

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