Chamrosh Technologies


 We integrate below technologies to connect potential rugs buyers with the luxury rug producers and enable the buyers to verify the authenticity, determine the origin and cherish the digital story of a rug.

The Internet of Things (IoT) identifies the place of production by pinging out to GPS. This proves the origin and provenance of rugs woven in Persian territory. It further helps to track the place of rug in future.

Multimedia including video, audio, and picture records data-back evidence during weaving process to reflect on craftsmanship and quality. This wins the hearts and minds of fans and creates loyalty.

Image processing interprets pattern and knotted-pile of to generate a digital fingerprint by integrating AI and cognitive computing. This reinforces scarcity by making a rug unique and irreplaceable.

The blockchain stores the digital identity a rug in a decentralized system. This tracks the supply-chain and makes the rug tradeable and transferable once the status of ownership changes.

The mobile app scans and decrypts a QR code attached at rug’s backside. This verifies authenticity of supply-chain and claims ownership record of a rug which is stored on the blockchain

The platform connects the stakeholders and allows them to co-create value. This harnesses value dynamics between the factors in supply-chain and increases price by converting customer needs to customer value.

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