Chamrosh Technologies


Chamrosh Technologies’ next step is to tokenize and link token value to a rug or collection of rugs, transforming it into a sustainable investment platform. Token owners can receive crypto-backed loans in the form of overdraft, credit line, or cash from the bank or financial institution that uses tokens. Crypto-backed loans are secured loans that use digital assets as collateral, such as bitcoin or other tokens. Rug crypto owners can thus pledge their digital tokens and obtain a loan without having to undergo a credit check. This adds liquidity and tradability to the rug industry, encouraging rug producers to invest in and produce more luxury rugs that can be tokenized and sold quickly at a premium price.

In these circumstances, Chamrosh transform itself into a platform for investment and providing sustainable banking services based on three pillars: economic, social, and environmental. These pillars can be described to as profit, people, and planet.

In terms of economic impact, once a luxury rug is owned by a bank and tokenized, the price will rise. Owners of these tokens receive bonus tokens as the price rises, encouraging them to invest in other tokenized rugs. This would generate wealth, provide innovative banking services and investment opportunities, and help the economy grow.

As a result, liquidity will be injected into the luxury rug market, motivating rug producers to produce more rugs of higher quality in order to earn more money. In terms of social impact, increasing rug production creates new jobs, stimulates the local economy, improves the skills of weavers and other people involved, and contributes to the gross domestic product (GDP) because rugs are the most important non-oil export. The most important legacy of Persian art and culture is the handwoven carpet or rug, which can increase social and cultural interactions between Iran and other countries in the global market.

Rug weaving has a low environmental impact because it requires little investment, uses little energy, and produces no pollution or sewage (wastewater). Wool rugs with softness and durability are also made from fibers obtained from weaving sheep and goat wool. As a result, we can see that various plants and natural materials are the original source for the harmless dyeing of wool. Wool also has a gleam that is difficult to match

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