Chamrosh Technologies

Marketing 5.0

Marketing 5.0 is introduced by Philip Koteler in January 2021 under same titled book. It is simply defined as the application of humanmimicking technologies to create, communicate, deliver, and enhance value across the customer journey. It combines elements of the two
previous approaches: Marketing 3.0 with a human orientation and Marketing 4.0 with a technology orientation. Marketing 5.0 provides
emerging opportunities to discover customer’s pattern and provide them with the most provide highly contextual experiences, such as
personalized landing pages, relevant ads, and custom-made content.

The main technologies for using Marketing 5.0 are AI – artificial intelligence, NLP- natural language processing, sensors, robotics, MRmixed reality (includes AR – augmented reality and VR – virtual reality), IoT, and blockchain which compete and complement human capabilities. In 5.0, marketing becomes a personal, social and experiential phenomenon and the product which is empowered by sensors and robots enters customer life

Like most products, the marketing of Persian rug when entered into global market during Safavid Dynesty was product-centric. The development of the internet and e-commerce transformed this field into customer-centric product. However, this transformation was slow due to traditional nature of the field. Chamrosh Technologies has integrated the internet of things, image processing, cognitive
calculation, blockchain, mobile app and platform model to co-create value and provide customer with a new form and experience of ownership.

Chamrosh leverages digital technologies to generate a digital version of a rug, allowing the owner to be an active participant in cocreating value. The owner becomes a part of the rug story and incorporates it into his or her life in a personalized way, exemplifying marketing 5.0.

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